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Testimonial Web to Print 1 min read , February 19, 2021

by John Dean, Marketing Content Specialist, Enfocus

Let's talk

with Jonathan Boyd, Prepress and Workflows Manager,

Enfocus: First of all, congratulations on winning three awards in 2018. Digital Printer Awards, The Solution Awards and Print Week Awards.

Enfocus: What workflow challenge were you looking to overcome?

Jonathan: We were launching the website and we knew that we would have to automate the workflow to cope with the increased volume of work.  As there are a lot of repetitive tasks involved in preflighting and preparing files for print, Enfocus Switch tirelessly handles these tasks, the same way every time, ensuring a consistency that is not always guaranteed; as in the case of hiring and training new staff.

Enfocus: Who was being most affected by the influx of more jobs?

Jonathan: The challenge was for the prepress department to cope with a significant increase in jobs without a heavier workload.

Enfocus: How did the implementation benefit prepress?

Jonathan: Switch runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week alongside our websites and our other job submission tools.  For the jobs that successfully pass pre-flight they go straight into the HP Indigo or large format print departments. There is a significant amount of time saved in prepress, that time would otherwise have been spent by prepress operators manually preflighting and processing jobs.

Enfocus: What was the reason that you chose Enfocus for a solution or what need did it satisfy?

Jonathan: After investigating all the options Enfocus Switch was a name that kept appearing and after investigation, it seemed the obvious choice. Switch pulls all our jobs and systems together and presents them to our Production Management workflow platform enabling a one-stop tracking system.

Enfocus: Why was Switch the best choice for your environment?

Jonathan: Flexibility! Switch is like a swiss army knife for any printing environment.  Switch collects files from 9 different sources including FTP, email, hot folders, and MIS systems. Then it processes files using Pitstop Actions, preflight profiles and variables. And the software is constantly being improved and updated.

Enfocus: Do you have any metrics that give you confidence in your choice?

Jonathan: Over 60% of all jobs entering Switch are processed for print without the need to be viewed by a human.

We would like to thank Jonathan and Northside/ for their continued dedication to driving technology forward. We’d also like to thank them for choosing Enfocus to help them build winning print services.


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