written by
Claudina Perez

Our rebranding story

News 3 min read , March 1, 2022

by Claudina Pérez Muskus, Marketing Programs and Branding Coordinator.


Our business is evolving

Design trends play a crucial role in how customers perceive us, and after 10 years of the old branding in place, Enfocus is ready to take on a new visual adventure.

Our image is not the only thing that is evolving; our business is evolving too! We have a new company strategy aiming to dive into new markets and reach beyond print. We want to build an integrated product suite and bring more solution packages to market. Additionally, we have new team members who are bringing fresh vibes and innovative ideas to our business.



Be the preferred software platform that prevents people from doing the same task twice.


We are building the most versatile automation software for file handling across print & beyond, delivered through a worldwide community of experts and solution partners.


Do it your way

Automation your way. File handling your way. Preflight your way. Integration your way. Connectivity your way. Customer service your way.

Enfocus is a software company whose core is automation. From the very beginning, it has been our fundamental belief that technology should follow process and not the other way around. Enfocus’ products enable teams to eliminate repetitive tasks and concentrate on valuable projects that would allow the business to grow and increase profitability. Enfocus engages, develops, and delivers.


We come from print, and we’ll go anywhere.

The challenge for our new brand wasn’t simple; we wanted to open our image to new markets but still represent our original print market. Modernizing our brand became urgent to accurately represent the innovative tech-company Enfocus is and at the same time create an emotional connection with our users.

04. LOGO



We have used the CMYK color palette to inspire modern trends towards bold and impactful letters combined with strong contrasts.

We come from print

Since the old logo represents registration marks, we took the visual result of an “off” registration color effect.

And we’ll go anywhere

Combining CMYK enables a full-color palette, representing how our technology can be used in different markets.

“Integration” as a keyword

The word “integration” reappeared every time we described Enfocus. First, when describing its software capacities to integrate with 3rd party applications and offer the flexibility to adapt to a specific work environment without entirely revolutionizing it. Second, when considering Enfocus’ business structure, which requires a full integration between the company, its partners, and its users.


Clarity, intelligibility, and creativity

We combine the three different fonts that would help us exhibit the modern technology vibes and combine it with an artistic touch relatable to the origins of print as a craft.

We selected a bold and sharp font for the Enfocus logo and product logos. Then a serif font that combines vintage with modern vibes will be used for menus, titles, and quotes. And finally, a sans serif font for the rest of our content.


Colorful and cheerful

The main colors are all present in the Enfocus logo.

The secondary colors are a variation of the same colors, with a lighter and more opaque tonality.

With the same colors, we created the gradients we desired for our new product logos.



Let’s keep it familiar but in line with the new image

We have again taken the “off to perfect” concept, using it now in the circled shape framing all product logos. To keep a clear link with the previous image and for users to recognize the products, we selected the nearest color to the old version and kept the usual icon on the inside of the logo. There is a clear connection now between all Enfocus products, and all the colors present on the Enfocus logo itself.




The result of merging our sharp and curvy logo lines and CMYK mixing effect.



Pictures the technological atmosphere and evokes the seamless users’ experience.



Freestyle vector drawing with colorful geometric shapes.



Black and white icons can be matched with our secondary colors for more contrast.



We would like to give special credits to some members of the Enfocus team who have helped during the design and creative process:

  • Piet De Pauw
  • Arthur Peck
  • Pedro Chaves
  • John Dean
  • Ann Coupé
  • Joana Silva
  • Sigrid Steijaert
  • Nele Van Den Haesevelde

Furthermore, thanks to all rebranding steerco members who have helped during the implementation and deployment process, which will end in June with our NEW WEBSITE!

  • Piet De Pauw
  • Arthur Peck
  • Tomas Van Rossom
  • Machteld Van Vlaenderen
  • Yves Sanchez
  • Carine Bastiaen
  • Tim Bernaerdt
  • Steven Nuyt
  • Kristof Kemseke

Finally, thanks to the rest of our Enfocus colleagues and Enfocus partners who have helped and will continue helping during the following months to make this happen.

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