It’s not magic ... it’s PitStop 2021

News 1 min read , March 16, 2021


The PitStop 2021 release is just around the corner. There are some amazing new features coming this spring. Want to see a live demo of these features? Register for a webinar given by Senior Product Manager, Andrew Bailes-Collins, that takes place on April 1st!

Follow this link and choose a time:

  • 10 am to 11 am CET
  • 4 pm to 5 pm CET


In advance of the webinar, here’s a sneak peek at some of the major improvements made to bleed checks.

Check Bleed on a Contour

  • Check bleed around an irregular path such as a dieline
  • Option for bleed area offset from trim area
  • Use different bleed values for inner and outer shapes
  • Option for trim area margin
  • Option for white threshold
  • Ignore missing bleed on small objects
  • Set error highlight color

Clip original Bleed based on Contour Action

  • Clean up bleed by removing excess content
  • Preps graphics to generate corrected bleed

Add Bleed around a Contour

  • Create bleed along a closed path
  • Create bleed on a compound path
  • Extends vector art to create bleed

Extend lineart to create page bleed

  • Create proper vector-based page bleed
  • Extends existing paths
  • Cleaner than mirroring as with raster images
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