Automation in Large Format Printing with 3Motion

Testimonial 1 min read , February 26, 2021

by Tim Bernaerdt, Customer Success, Enfocus

"Through this software, files are automatically checked, adjusted and sent to production. The result is a more efficient flow and less time lost." - Wouter Mouton, management, 3Motion

The 3Motion team turned to Enfocus in 2016 to help transform and automate its internal processes.

We take a look around 3Motion's facilities, to see how automation through Switch and Pitstop are helping to speed up the order processing time and provide new levels of efficiency for the team.

About 3Motion

3Motion is specialized in large format printing and visual communication. The company offers a wide variety of products and services and employs different printing techniques on various materials.

3Motion is a pioneer in the printing sector due to its constant search for new and creative products and applications. The team keeps a close eye on the evolutions in the market and invests in the latest technologies and innovative techniques, including automation, to make its printing process more efficient.

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