The bridge between PDF creators and print service providers

Testimonial 1 min read , February 23, 2021

Working with PitStop and Switch for years, print service provider C.H. Beck looked at Enfocus to improve data exchange with the customer and raise the quality control of the provided print data. The solution was Connect ALL: “An investment in the future”, as they put it.

Photographer: Cytonn Photography | Source: Unsplash

Benefiting from structured data

With the number of new book releases increasing over the years, it’s vital for Druckerei C.H. Beck to further optimize their production process. With Connect ALL, the printer and its customers benefit from structured data, automated checks via specified action lists and faster input. Connect ALL is the bridge between design and production – between PDF creators and print service providers.

Ten of C.H. Beck’s customers are currently working with Enfocus Connectors, including Germany’s leading paperback publisher DTV, as well as publishing houses Franzis-Verlag, Aquamarin-Verlag and Vianova Verlag. The software handles the most common problems with PDF files at the graphic designer’s workstation and checks the entire PDF creation process, integrating corrections and preflight functionality of PitStop. Missing fonts, low-resolution images, incorrect color spacing and other frequent errors are a thing of the past.

What Connect ALL does for C.H. Beck?

  • More orders are processed in prepress
  • Creation, data exchange and quality control run more quickly and more reliably
  • The entire work process is optimized
  • Graphic designers deliver high quality data right from the start, without IT or PDF expertise
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