Hundreds of wide-format templates replaced with smart automation at Bernard Group

Testimonial Integration 2 min read , February 23, 2021

by John Dean, Marketing Content Specialist, Enfocus

Wide Format Automation

The Bernard Group is a perfect example of how Enfocus Switch and tilia Labs Phoenix can really improve a business. Automation is becoming more of a must for wide-format service providers. In this short video case study, discover what the Bernard Group learned by implementing Enfocus Switch and tilia Labs Phoenix in their production environment.

An official merchandising company that deals with a lot of high end retail customers, The Bernard Group has small format, large format, an online division and a retail division comprised of 650 people. They continue to grow every year thanks to the their online and retail divisions.

Enfocus Switch Platform

They have been experimenting with automation to accommodate their variety of output devices and subsystems. After trying several solutions, they found that Switch was the answer for them.

"We brought in a lot of automation solutions […] and ultimately we've been using Switch. Switch has replaced just about everything else that we were using. Enfocus Switch is the glue that allows everything to automate." - Diego Diaz, Solutions Architect, The Bernard Group

tilia Labs Phoenix Imposition

Imposition at the Bernard Group was previously handled manually with templates by a group of prepress workers. That method was acceptable when they had one hundred jobs a day. When they got to six hundred jobs a day it was obvious that the repetitive nature of imposition made it a prime candidate for automation.

"The goal with Phoenix is to do imposition and planning for the full spectrum of graphic art jobs. You've got wide-format, labels, commercial, cartons, it does it all. Phoenix has tools to go and find the most cost effective way to produce a job." - Sagen de Jonge, CEO, tilia Labs

It became certain that tilia Labs Phoenix was the solution they were looking for when the Bernard Group found that they would no longer need their library of over 1200 templates. Phoenix takes information from their MIS system to generate imposition templates on the fly. The partnership between tilia Labs and Enfocus fostered the development of close connectivity between Phoenix and Switch. Customers like the Bernard Group have full control of Phoenix functionality from within Switch.

Collaborative Integration

"What struck me when I first met the guys from tilia Labs, is their relentless passion and drive to create solutions that solve specific customer issues. At Enfocus we share this passion and the belief that open systems combined with existing hardware and software already installed at the customer helps to achieve full automation." - Wim Fransen, Managing Director, Enfocus

The Bernard Group needed a solution that would work with all of their equipment regardless of vendor. Tilia Labs Phoenix provided the imposition flexibility to satisfy each output device and Enfocus Switch provided the platform for them to connect MIS to imposition to output.