Liberty Press: A Switch Story

Testimonial 1 min read , April 29, 2024

Liberty Press is an independent, family-owned printing facility that has been serving individual and corporate clients for more than 30 years in Springville, Utah. With Enfocus Switch, they have been able to create custom flows for their clients, increasing their productivity exponentially.

Times have changed

In the early days, Liberty Press printed newspapers. They then quickly grew to commercial print, focusing increasingly on phonebooks and phone directories. But thanks to rapidly evolving technology and the effects of the pandemic they had to reinvent themselves.

Today they are focused on heat set printing, mostly publications like magazines and direct mail catalogs. These rapid changes in their business model were possible thanks to the automation provided by Switch. And currently, they have projected they will rise from 40 million dollars of revenue all the way to the 60 million mark.

“All of that comes right back around to automation, being more efficient instead of growing our workforce to handle that volume of work.”

Matt Oldham, Prepress Manager at Liberty Press, Utah

The tailored approach

Liberty Press is a strong believer in the tailored approach, for customer service as well as prepping files. Allowing their customers to send in their PDF files the way they want instead of rejecting the files that don’t fit the standard ‘cookie cutter’ system. This means that customers can prepare their files in the way that’s most comfortable for them and Liberty Press can still guarantee that a quality product will roll off of their presses at the end of the line. Before they used Switch this approach meant that they had to do a huge amount of manual labor, cleaning up every file one by one.

“Now with Switch I’m able to make custom flows for those clients, which takes little time to prepare and once they’re in place and rolling, it’s all automatic. I could go on and on about all the little automated things that happen in a custom way to help our clients feel comfortable.”

Matt Oldham, Prepress Manager at Liberty Press, Utah

Combining different flows

Liberty Press combines their big flows, which they call one-size fits all, with a series of smaller custom flows. This ensures that they have the most efficient processes in place to always create the best product. This system works for all their customers and that’s the beauty of Switch – you set it up and operate it however you want.

“The beauty of Switch is that you can design it to be exactly what you want it to be for your company – it’s like a piece of art.”

Matt Oldham, Prepress Manager at Liberty Press, Utah

Switch is constantly innovating

Liberty Press say the reason they have so much confidence in Switch is because it’s always growing. There are people working on Switch constantly to guarantee everything keeps running smoothly and to keep adding new features.

“It has really turned on my creative mind. With Switch the sky is the limit, I can create whatever I can imagine. The tools are there and are continuously being added to.”

Matt Oldham, Prepress Manager at Liberty Press, Utah

Focusing on the important stuff

Matt Oldham used to work very long hours, constantly checking and preflighting files. Switch has now automated all of that for him, allowing him to focus on other more important tasks. It has even helped his business to find excess capacity in their department which means that everyone can help where they are needed most, massively boosting their efficiency and productivity.

“We’ve been building our flows out for years now and it’s doing wonders – we’re already finding excess capacity in our department. It’s pretty bizarre but we now have our team members helping out in other areas of the building. That’s what this system from Enfocus has allowed us to do.”

Matt Oldham, Prepress Manager at Liberty Press, Utah

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