Liberty Press: A PitStop Story

Testimonial 2 min read , April 2, 2024

Liberty Press is an independent, family-owned printing facility that has been serving individual and corporate clients for more than 30 years in Springville, Utah. They have been using Enfocus PitStop Pro for over 20 years, and in those 20 years, it has helped them grow and train new employees.

Working with Adobe

From the very start, the people at Liberty Press relied on Adobe® software. Soon, they needed to find a way to help them prepare files for print that worked well with the Adobe creative tools—and they found it in Enfocus PitStop Pro. Since that discovery, over 20 years ago now, every day they have been able to prep, adjust and correct PDF files using the PitStop Pro plugin within Adobe Acrobat.

“PitStop was a beautiful find for us 20 years ago.”

Matt Oldham, Prepress Manager at Liberty Press, Utah

Creating the cleanest files possible

When their current Senior Prepress Technician, Jesse Wride, first started working at Liberty Press PitStop was already the standard tool because they take pride in being a very custom print shop. That would normally mean they spend most of their working hours on preflight, but thanks to PitStop they can just go into the PDF file, choose what they want to adjust and watch the magic happen. Their customers are guaranteed to get the cleanest file in the fastest way possible. Everything from 4 color blacks to margins and bleed gets checked and tweaked if needed.

“I don’t think we can survive without PitStop with the customization that we do here.”

Jesse Wride, Senior Prepress Technician at Liberty Press, Utah

No experience required

Because PitStop is intuitive and easy to use, it doesn’t take long for people to figure out how the process works. When Caity Hassell started working at Liberty Press almost 3 years ago, she had no idea what the preflight process entailed, a few weeks later thanks to PitStop she was preflighting like a pro! No need to worry about messing up an order when you can rely on the guaranteed quality of PitStop Pro.

“It’s like having a little personal assistant help you get everything squared away and ready to go.”

Caity Hassell, Prepress Technician at Liberty Press, Utah

Branching out to PitStop Server

Now, Liberty Press also uses PitStop Server which means that their entire workflow is completely automated. Thanks to PitStop, Liberty Press is able to retain their new employees, contrary to the period before they used Enfocus products, when new employees who didn’t have a lot of print experience would come and go. There’s already so many things to do so not having to worry about cleaning up a file and the intricacies of PDF files has really helped them when training the new employees.

“PitStop Server has been kind of new for us, but it’s been amazing because it’s not just a double check, it’s also speeding up our workflow on the back end.”

Jesse Wride, Senior Prepress Technician at Liberty Press, Utah

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