Get your MIS talking to your production automation with Enfocus and Avanti

Integration 2 min read , February 26, 2021

by Kevin Shaw, Head of Marketing, Product Management and Product Support, Avanti

Can we talk?

Enfocus and Avanti recently announced a collaborative partnership to provide an integrated solution between Avanti Slingshot® and Enfocus Switch. This is huge and here’s why: Getting your print MIS system and your production automation system to talk with each other will have a dramatic impact on your overall efficiency and results.

Hang around with the gang on the shop floor, and sooner or later you'll hear grumblings about how the folks upstairs don't really understand what it really takes to get jobs out. Likewise, the front office staff might grouse about how their production staff doesn't understand business. Now, the people in your shop might or might not be like this, but your software shouldn't have these issues.

Think about your shop floor. Your prepress and production areas use various software and presses from different vendors to prepare and produce work. Enfocus Switch provides the means to link these together into streamlined workflows and to automate repetitive production tasks. This keeps jobs moving and people going home on time.

The same thing happens in the front office. Avanti Slingshot is a highly-customizable print MIS solution for understanding and managing work from the business side. It performs estimating and cost analysis while tracking projects from order through shipping much more effectively than the old spreadsheet method. Management and sales make better decisions to more effectively run the business, while also being able to spend time with their families.

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But what happens when these two systems don’t communicate with each other?

The short answers are inefficiency, handoffs, and errors.

That’s why this partnership is so valuable. Finally, an open Print MIS system and an advanced PDF editing and workflow automation packages are talking. Your front-office software can now directly instruct your production automation system on how to handle incoming work without interrupting your staff. Your Enfocus PDF Review module, which can ask customers to approve or reject their PDF files before they are pushed further into production, can now talk with the software which interacts with the person sending the files. In other words, this reduces the number of handoffs between the business and production sides of your operation.

It’s as simple and as powerful as that. Now, if we could only get Gerry in accounting to understand that ganging has nothing to do with West Side Story.

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