Rapidity says, “The real ROI is in the software.”

Testimonial Integration Automation 1 min read , February 23, 2021

by Piet De Pauw, Head of Marketing, Enfocus

Rapidity, central London's leading print service provider, recently spoke with us about the advantages and value they realized by implementing the Enfocus Switch platform.

Rapidity was one of the first printers in London to install a digital press and has always kept a technology forward mindset. They continue to invest in new technology and understand the tremendous importance and return on investment for their business.

"It's the software and the digital workflow that brings the real return on investment to the business." - Paul Manning, Managing Director, Rapidity

Switch Integration

They integrated Switch with their existing Tharstern MIS and very quickly discovered the positive impact that automation had on digital workflow. Automating just 25% of their work, such as daily business card orders, Rapidity found that it gave them more time to concentrate on higher added value services.

"We moved from processing somewhere like 20 jobs a day, to now into sort of 500 jobs a day region." - Paul Manning, Managing Director, Rapidity

Subsequently, Rapidity can now make money from low margin, high frequency orders. When prior to adopting Switch, this could not have been a possibility.

"It made us flexible and dynamic. Whereas before, it was fixed and it was manual and it was labor intensive." - Paul Manning, Managing Director, Rapidity


An increase in efficiency with customer orders also gives Rapidity the opportunity to open up conversations with those customers about doing other types; higher value jobs. The result of implementing the Enfocus Switch platform into their existing digital workflow created increased order throughput, more time for specialty orders and a profitability they could not have achieved in a manual environment.

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