Freelance designer Studio IH opts for fast, professional and accurate delivery of documents with Enfocus Connect YOU

Testimonial 1 min read , February 23, 2021
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With a single mouse click, the PDF file is checked and press-ready

In the past, graphic designer Ineke Huibregtse of Studio IH always found creation and accurate delivery of PDF files to be “too much hassle.” Now this belongs to the past, thanks to Connect YOU from Enfocus. “With a single mouse click, the PDF file is checked and press-ready”, she explains.

Every graphic designer knows that readying files for print can be a time-consuming task, especially since the delivery specifications vary from printer to printer. Huibregtse, who is responsible for graphic design for a number of companies and organisations with her Studio iH in Amsterdam, is also aware of this. Her responsibilities include creation of corporate identities, study guides, magazines, websites, flyers and marketing material for, among others, magazines from Sanoma.

Huibregtse has also run a number of campaigns, including Children’s Week for the Almere Library. In addition, Studio iH takes care of the entire layout of the magazine Lotje & Co, a publication of the Foundation for Parents of Children with Special Needs. On previous occasions, Huibregtse has regularly struggled to deliver PDF files with the correct settings. “It always entailed searching for the correct profiles, which are different for each printer. What are the job options? Which images need profiling? How should transparencies be flattened? And so forth. Graphic design is a wonderfully creative profession but, because of the never-ending hassle with profiles, delivering the files is indeed the most unpleasant part of the job”, Huibregtse says. “In the past, printers have regularly called to tell us that the PDF files delivered were not correct. Then you spend about half an hour on the phone with them to solve the issues with the files. Luckily, I no longer have to deal with that problem.” Huibregtse now works with Connect YOU from Enfocus. This enables her to create high quality PDF files from any application and deliver them automatically print-ready to various printing companies. Checking and making corrections to the PDF file is part of the automated process, thanks to the built-in PitStop pre-flight technology. “The PDF file is created print-ready according to the proper profiles with a single mouse click, and you just know that it will be good”, she adds.

Now that I work with Connect YOU, it is no longer necessary to constantly check the profiles for each printer. I am able to print directly from Adobe® InDesign®, thanks to the pre-set Connector. It is as easy as creating a print and the result is always satisfying. This not only saves you a lot of time, but also the printer has a certified PDF file delivered immediately and is able to start the printing process. It’s a relief to finally no longer deal with annoying intermediate steps! - Ineke Huibregtse, Studio iH

The secret behind the user friendliness

The secret behind the user friendliness of Connect YOU is the Connector that can be created by the user. The profiles only have to be defined or selected once. As soon as the norms have been set, they can be re-used repeatedly via the Connector. This Connector is a desktop icon that allows you to simply drag and drop. The Connect YOU user can get started quickly by making a selection from a library of predefined Connectors with settings for a variety of jobs. Huibregtse often uses the predefined Connectors, in which she selects, for example, from CMYK, CMYK + spot and magazine ad.

Confidence in perfect delivery

Further pre-flight and corrections to the PDF are made at the end of the job thanks to the Enfocus PitStop Engine. “I can be quite confident that I am on the right track,” Huibregtse concludes. “I can now be confident and certain about delivering an impeccable PDF file. Not only does this allow me to save a lot of time, but it also is an expression of professional competence for the customer.”

“I select my CMYK-Connector for the layout of the Lotje & Co magazine. Therefore, I do not have to enter the profiles each time. All settings (for example, transparency flattening) are automatically captured. I can rely on technology knowing nothing will get lost and in the end profiles are perfectly fine.” - Ineke Huibregtse, Studio iH

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