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Claudina Perez

The 5 Most Common Misconceptions held by Wide Format Printers

1 min read , March 29, 2023

Wide format printers perform some of the most versatile and dynamic work in the print industry. From billboards to textile prints to vehicle wraps, they produce a variety of output that requires in-depth knowledge of printing technology.

Wide format printing also provides the potential for excellent margins, but with fierce competition and an uncertain economy, print shops delivering wide format need to be at the cutting edge of affordable innovation to see profitability and growth.

Certain misconceptions about automation technology, however, remain commonplace in the industry, and these may be holding businesses back from fully achieving their potential.

In this blog post, we will examine the five most common misconceptions held by wide format printers about technology, and explain how Enfocus software can help overcome them.

Misconception #1: Wide format printing jobs cannot be automated

Wide format jobs have a reputation for uniqueness. This leads many to believe that hands-on preparation is the only way to ensure successful output.

Enfocus addresses this concern with its innovative Wide Format Solution for printers. In many print shops, it has proved itself capable of automating more than 90% of incoming jobs. It is also easily integrated in a wide range of workflows, reducing manual touchpoints and increasing efficiency, all while maintaining quality and consistency.

Misconception #2: Only state-of-the-art hardware can make a business sustainable

Top-of-the-line printing machinery can improve your output—no question. But software options can also deliver huge productivity gains, often for the fraction of the price of new hardware.

The Enfocus Switch automation platform can coordinate all the isolated systems working in a print production set up, from web to print and beyond. It reduces manual touchpoints everywhere, and delivers workflow improvements far more affordably than hardware investments.

Misconception #3: Automation is always expensive

Many wide format printers assume that implementing automation in their workflow will be too expensive both in terms of material investment and also in time spent learning and deploying the solution.

Enfocus Switch is the most affordable and flexible automation solution on the market. It has a GUI interface and is easy to learn, meaning you can usually have your first workflows up and running on day one. Switch is also scalable, so you can start small and expand as your business grows. This means you can see a return on investment quickly, and you’ll never need to break the bank to grow.

Misconception #4: No one understands my business challenges as I do

Every business has its unique challenges, and wide format printers are right to feel pride at their hard-won knowledge.

At the same time, there are many experts in the field, and Enfocus boasts a network of smart integrators and resellers who team up with business to help them throughout the automation implementation process. Very often they will bring fresh eyes and valuable insights to thorny problems garnered from their years of experience in the industry.

Misconception #5: Lack of technical knowledge makes automation impossible

Implementing automation can seem intimidating for businesses that don't have in-house technical expertise in the area.

Enfocus Switch was built from the ground up to be intuitive, user-friendly and accessible to non-technical people. We have numerous customer testimonials that confirm how Switch is incredibly easy to get started with and doesn't require extensive technical knowledge.

While the sky's the limit in terms of what you can do with Switch, you can automate a huge number of processes by simply dragging, dropping and configuring elements on a GUI flow canvas. And for wide format printers, as mentioned above, our dedicated Wide Format Solution that runs on Switch will get you up and running with advanced industry-specific automations straight away.

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Enfocus offers a comprehensive solution for wide-format printers that increases efficiency, reduces manual touchpoints, and boosts profitability. Don't let misconceptions hold your business back from reaching its full potential. To learn more about the Enfocus Wide Format Solution, visit our website at https://www.enfocus.com/en/solutions/wide-format-printers.