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PDF, bigger than religion

Trends and Insights 1 min read , March 24, 2022

by Piet de Pauw, Head of Marketing

It is impossible to count the number of PDFs that are generated daily.

Have you noticed that you can track how many pictures are generated daily? How many messages are sent? How many searches per second, videos uploaded, memes’ sent; But it is impossible to find how many pdfs are generated each day.

And I can tell, they are a lot. As in A LOT.

Think of it this way, every newspaper page has a pdf counterpart, every banking statement has a pdf file, every bill from your electric company comes in a pdf file, every study, paper, court case, government file, law decree, appears in a - well yeah, a pdf file.

Cool. So there are a lot of PDFs around. PDFs are the new rockstars. PDFs are bigger than religion.

Don’t believe me?

And how do we deal with all of these PDFs? Because you need an army of people if you want to handle all ofthat data management, right?

This is the part where I start telling you, with Switch that problem is something from the past, insert sales pitch here, some stats here and here, but yeah... I could say that, and I should say that, so I will say that.

With Enfocus Switch your pdf data management and processes run as smoothly as a Guinness on Saint Patricks’ day.

Manually processing of invoices? Not any more, since Switch can handle and process select data automatically straight from an email.

Got orders incoming through a webshop? No sweat. Switch will handle the whole process seamlessly putting everything together into a customized production workflow. With Switch an order coming from your website could go from 45 minutes to 3 minutes to process.

Doubtful? I get it. I would too. But watch this video right here and you will see the numbers don’t lie.

What about archiving? Manual archiving is a complicated process. It’s not only the location, but you gotta archive in the right order too. Switch can do that for you. Take ProQuest, they use two Switch servers internally processing over 1.2 million pages a month. 1.2 million pages. They are sorted, labeled, ordered, and sent throughout the globe. And it is all automated.

And integration? Oh, don’t get me started about that. The thing about Switch is that it integrates with everything. Yes, everything.

But that’s not even the key message here.



Then what is it?

It’s that Switch won’t just handle and automate your files, and processes in a standardized way. It will automate as YOU want it to automate. And that is the key message here. Switch will work as YOU want it to work. It will automate as YOU want it to automate.

And them’s the facts.

Start your automation journey here: