NetzoDruk can process up to ten times the order load per day

Testimonial 1 min read , February 23, 2021

by Toon Van Rossum, Switch Product Manager

NetzoDruk partnered with Enfocus reseller Grafistore to create a process tailored to their needs. Grafistore didn’t stop at implementing the Enfocus products into the NetzoDruk workflow, they also took care of the physical layout, trained the employees and ensured the workflow works flawlessly from start to print.

Enfocus workflow solutions enable NetzoDruk to increase order processing up to ten times

Ever since digital printing company NetzoDruk started working with the Enfocus workflow solution Switch and preflight solution PitStop Server, the PDF files are just ‘a few mouse clicks away from the printing press’. This efficiency allows for much more output, as it turns out. “We have grown enormously and are currently processing ten times the order load per day in comparison to two years ago.”

NetzoDruk is a completely digital printing company in the Netherlands with headquarters in Enschede and two franchise subsidiaries in Groningen and Gorinchem.

Hundreds of orders roll off the HP Indigo presses on a daily basis, varying from corporate printing, flyers, brochures and posters to books. In order to guarantee the proper handling of all orders - whether received via XML from one of the online portals maintained by NetzoDruk - an efficient workflow is a must.

Smooth workflow, rapid turnover

“When you’re looking for the best workflow solution on the market, you quickly end up looking into Switch”, says Olijve. Switch is an open software solution from Enfocus that links the different existing systems with each other. It is ‘the glue’ that seamlessly connects existing applications. It does not matter where a file originates from, which format it is in, or which output it requires - everything is integrated in a single production workflow.

Since the implementation of Switch by the Enfocus reseller Grafistore, receiving and sorting the pdf files within NetzoDruk has been completely automated and repetitive tasks no longer have to be performed manually. And that is exactly the goal Olijve aims to attain.

Olijve is crystal clear about the savings that have been made since the implementation of the Switch workflow and the PitStop Server preflight solution. “We are processing five to ten times as many orders thanks to the smooth workflow. That secures our profitability nowadays. For example, in the past we needed multiple desktop publishers; at this point we do not have a single one. Our well-trained order attendants are perfectly capable of doing the work flawlessly. Thanks to the extra orders coming in, we were able to employ more people in production and within our online branch. As a result, we did not only experience a sturdy growth in turnover, but also in the services we offer.”

The Customer Benefit

“It just takes a few clicks for the PDF file to be at the printing press. And that is necessary, because what comes in today, also has to go out today”, says Olijve.

All incoming PDF files are stored in hotfolders that have been automatically processed and checked by the customer (for imposition, level transparency, resolution, fonts, format, and etcetera).

The incoming files are instantly checked and the customer receives immediate feedback thanks to the PitStop Server. And there lies the instant added value for the customer, says Olijve: “The customer no longer has to wait for an ‘OK’ from a DTP employee. Thanks to this set-up, the customer can submit files at a later stage; yet still receive his print order sooner than before.”

This has everything to do with the user friendliness of the Enfocus products, says Olijve.

Wish list

“It’s really true – we are now processing up to ten times as many orders as before”, says Olijve. ‘Working smarter’ is NetzoDruk’s slogan. And NetzoDruk has found a good partner in Enfocus reseller Grafistore in its quest to optimize its production workflow. “In our case, they took care of the physical layout of the workflow, trained our people and ensured that the workflow runs perfectly”, says Olijve. However, by no means does this imply that the NetzoDruk team is resting on its laurels and that the Grafistore involvement has come to an end.

“We’re not done automating, we still want to take the next steps. We have our wish list and Grafistore is helping to implement it. They have all the Enfocus knowledge and can implement their solutions with us in a customized way. We consider ourselves lucky that it always turns out that Enfocus offers the solutions we are looking for.” And that’s how NetzoDruk plans to stay ahead of competitors. Olijve: “I would rather have them chasing me than the other way around.”

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Grafistore is a specialist in graphic automation. With more than 20 years’ experience in the graphic industry, Grafistore knows the graphic work process from design to print. Grafistore always strives to develop solutions and uses hardware, software and training as resources, not as an objective.