Freebie alert! Check out the Enfocus Appstore

Solutions Workflow 1 min read , February 22, 2021

by Piet De Pauw, Head of Marketing, Enfocus

Stuck with a workflow challenge in Switch? It’s very possible that someone else has already found the solution and are sharing it through the Enfocus Appstore. A hub for community and partner-created solutions for Switch, the online store boasts both paid and free apps and is continuously expanding what it has to offer. Can’t find what you’re looking for? The Enfocus community still has your back. Just submit your idea for an app and we’ll let the community know what you need.

Not sure what to expect? Catch a glimpse of the Enfocus Appstore offerings below!

Partner apps

In need of automatic imposition? Want to integrate your MIS into an existing workflow or tool? Don’t hesitate to check out the many partner apps available at the Enfocus Appstore. Among them you’ll also find numerous convenient apps for automated proofing and file transfer.

Flow design

When you’ve designed a flow with many flow elements, keeping that flow clear and well-arranged is crucial. Switch offers plenty of tools to help you do exactly that. Want to discover the private data in your job or to support Switch Variables in an XML location path? Simply shop for the perfect app!

File manipulation

Got a CSV file that has some columns you don’t need? Want to convert a file from CSV or do you find yourself wishing handling XML, JSON, images, PDF editing (layer splitting, page rearranging, …) and PDF printing would be less of a hassle? The Enfocus Appstore is loaded with apps that make file manipulation with Switch a breeze.

Visit the Enfocus Appstore now

For those who’ve downloaded an app from the Enfocus Appstore and don’t know quite how to use it, manuals are readily available. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions, and be sure to drop by the Enfocus Appstore today!