Did you know that barcodes can be tiny job tickets?

Trends and Insights 1 min read , February 26, 2021

by Andrew Bailes-Collins, Senior Product Manager, Enfocus

Barcode with laser.

Like most manufacturing processes, print shops rely on job tickets. Despite the industry’s increasing focus on automation, however, a lot of printers still use paper tickets that travel through the process with the job. Are you one of those printers and are you fed up with tickets getting misplaced or lost? Enfocus now has the perfect solution in store. Scroll on down to learn all about generating barcodes in the latest version of PitStop!

What’s in a barcode?

Since there’s a myriad of production equipment available today with built-in barcode readers , it only makes sense to put those tools to good use and have both your operators and customers enjoy the fruits of an (even more) automated workflow. Able to contain a variety of data, including job number, customer name, job specifics, device or process-related information, barcodes can be used throughout the entire production process, from shop floor data collection and job identification to device or system triggers (call up settings, start/stop a process) and much more.

How to generate barcodes? With PitStop of course!

Enfocus PitStop offers all the features you need to easily create just about any barcode. You can generate your barcode by hand or automatically in a PDF file without having to introduce any third-party applications. PitStop Pro and PitStop Server users can choose from more than one hundred types of barcodes and generate 1D, 2D, international postal bar codes and GS1 compliant barcodes. Be sure to browse the professional barcode library as well, as it also offers options for bar width reduction, quiet zones and optional control digit.

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