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Workflow Automation 2 min read , February 23, 2021

by Toon Van Rossum, Switch Product Manager, Enfocus

Switch is a better development platform

Enfocus Switch is a print automation platform that allows workflow creators to build and connect processes regardless of vendor. It is a visual workflow designer that provides a means for integrating disparate systems using a built-in toolset as well as user-created Node.js and JavaScript packages. The openness of the platform empowers printers to work their own way and not have processes dictated by a vendor solution.

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For automation experts

Even if a print service provider has the resources to develop workflows from concept to implementation, Switch greatly reduces the time to delivery. Workflows and flow snippets are easily replicated to implement future flows. By the same token, Switch flow management is simpler than having to manipulate complex integrated systems. That is to say that flows can be turned off and on, adjustments made and the impact on production is controllable.

Switch flow design makes use of function nodes, known as configurators and apps. The development of a flow consists of placing nodes, setting properties and logically connecting them. Where an app doesn’t already exist, system administrators can write their own functionality using Node.js or TypeScript. Since Node.js is supported, developers can make use of nearly all of the resources available with NPM. Code can be written in any IDE, such as Visual Studio Code, removing any learning curve.

As for communication with other systems, Switch supports webhooks, has a Web Services Module, a Database Module, and a growing library of third-party apps. Switch to Switch connectivity provides a means for sharing and transferring data and jobs between systems. The Enfocus Appstore is the place to find and sell purpose-built solutions for Switch. Enfocus partners provide apps for integrations with their solutions. Integrators develop apps to solve workflow or communication challenges. Switch users have created apps to simplify flow implementation.

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A platform for beginners too

Switch installs with a robust set of tools and functionality. Users do not have to know how to write code to automate many of their processes. The modular nature of Switch lets new workflow creators start with the basics and add functionality as they need it.

To get developers started, Enfocus has eLearning sessions available, an extensive online manual and sample flows. Building print automation from scratch may require some assistance from resellers. But with some time investment, in-house staff learn to manage, adjust and create new Switch flows on their own.

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The Enfocus community of fellow developers often contribute to solving each other’s challenges. They are an industry experienced group who make their time available for the betterment of fellow colleagues. Frequently, new product features and user-developed apps come from conversations started within the community.

Switch Development Platform for Printers

Resellers and integrators

There is a deep network of Enfocus resellers available for integration, support and sales assistance. Resellers specialize both geographically and in technical expertise. The atmosphere of reseller relationships with one another is that of collaboration rather than competition. They have industry experience, integration ingenuity and Enfocus product mastery.

Enfocus resellers can offer assistance at the level an organization needs to be successful with automation. They will continue to support customers through challenges and provide practical advice throughout business growth, using the Switch development platform for printers. To have all of your questions answered and get a demo, request a reseller introduction.

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