CL Visual: Enfocus Switch allows creatives to be creative

Testimonial 1 min read , April 24, 2024
Chris DeFeo, owner of CL Visual, New York

Chris DeFeo started CL Visual in 2015. His passion was in wide format printing but he wasn’t satisfied with how they traditionally did things because he was always looking for the ultimate competitive advantage and ways he could service his clients even better.

Soon he turned to Enfocus to help his company. And today, he uses Enfocus Switch, Enfocus PitStop Pro, and Griffin to handle almost all of his workflows.

“Time and money savings have been tremendous. We now save about 30% of material and probably another 30% in ink charges.”

Chris DeFeo, owner of CL Visual, New York

Eliminating human error

Before he discovered Enfocus products, Chris timed his process from start to finish and tried to complete it as fast as possible. He managed to finish orders that would traditionally take about an hour and a half in 47 minutes, which isn’t bad, but he would regularly make mistakes. In contrast, the Enfocus workflows that he uses now mean he is able to complete the same jobs in 5 minutes, and most importantly, they never contain any mistakes.

“That one process that was 47 minutes for me and probably an hour and a half for anybody else was ready in as little as 5 minutes.”

Chris DeFeo, owner of CL Visual, New York

Automating repetitive tasks

When Chris asked his team to give him a step-by-step breakdown of what they have to do to prep files, they ended up giving him a fifty-page list. With Enfocus tools he wound up turning that fifty-page list into just 2 pages, freeing up a huge amount of time to allow his employees to prioritize their most important, high-value tasks. Automation also removed a lot of boring repetition from the work they were doing.

“The savings on materials and ink is just the byproduct, the lives we’re improving for ourselves, that’s the real reward.”

Chris DeFeo, owner of CL Visual, New York

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