Brandywine: Prepress is the bottleneck that needs automation.

Testimonial 1 min read , April 2, 2024
Derek Brooks, owner of Brandywine Printing, Georgia

Brandywine Printing (Georgia, USA) was founded in 1982 and is a family business. In 2012, they began transitioning to digital print, and today Brandywine is 100% digital. During the move to digital, they completely automated their back end file checking and correction thanks to Enfocus PitStop. Later, Derek Brooks, owner of Brandywine, started looking for a way to automate the front-end, more specifically their proofing process. That’s when he discovered Enfocus Review and Enfocus Switch.

“If you took PitStop out of our lives we would not be able to operate. We use it constantly. Our prepress doesn’t open a PDF in any program other than PitStop. It’s a crutch we can’t do without.”

Derek Brooks, owner of Brandywine, Georgia

Saving Time and Money with Automation

It made sense for Derek to build on his previous successes with PitStop by using Enfocus Switch and Enfocus Review. And today everything is automated, from online orders to the finishing equipment. Before deploying Switch, they had to manually manage their shipping labels which took them about 4 hours every week. Now the team just drops jobs into a folder and 2 minutes later everything is ready to print.

“In 2019, we saw 50% more revenue with 4 people than we did in 2008 with 10 people. I realized the more we can automate, the more revenue we can generate.”

Derek Brooks, owner of Brandywine, Georgia

Go Big or Go Home

In 2013, Brandywine started offering wide format prints and by 2023, thanks to Enfocus Switch, wide format had become 50% of their business.

“That’s the cool thing about Switch, I don’t know what I can do until I try.”

Derek Brooks, owner of Brandywine, Georgia

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