Automated image processing at Colruyt Group using Enfocus Switch

Testimonial 1 min read , February 22, 2021

by Piet De Pauw, Head of Marketing, Enfocus

Companies often think economically, but after a Switch implementation, we see people regaining a huge amount of job satisfaction. This means economic value to their company. So it’s a win-win situation. Using Switch gave me peace of mind. I became calmer and less stressed out. Because of Switch, we pay more attention to the images, which leads to better quality. But our cooperation with other people also improved. Before, we couldn’t find the time. Now, we do.

Within the Colruyt organization, we see further opportunities with Switch. We expect an increase of work volume and number of processed images. We also want to start using Switch for quality checks in our own photo studio to further benefit from the Switch level of uniformity and standardization.