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An Interview with the ChatGPT AI

1 min read , December 13, 2022

We have been hearing a lot about AI lately. AI generated pictures, AI generated art, AI generated videos, and AI generated chat bots. But how far do they go, how far can they think. Let’s find out in this interview.

This is off to a good start.

Interesting. Let´s go deeper into the topic.

Cool, now the negative points please.

Interesting. There are some good points but also some myths in between.

It is incredible that the AI is open to discussion.

The keyword is automation. It knows.

Enough about pre-press for a moment.

That’s a lot of things. But let’s go back to the drawbacks for a moment.

What about material costs?

I mean, by now I don’t need any more convincing. Should I automate in the future?

You know what’s next right?

That’s fine ChatGPT. We will leave that answer to our partners.

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